You'll love coming home to a healthy home!
The BowMeow is pleased to offer you a different kind of house cleaning product for your home with a full line of all natural cleaning products that not only clean exceptionally well, but actually smell good.
Because we care so much about our furry family members, their parents and our own health, we spent countless hours doing research on natural cleaning products and the companies that sold them until we found a supplier that not only uses all natural non-toxic top quality ingredients in their products but they also add the essential oils of aromatherapy to make your home smell wonderful.


Did you know many household cleaners contain a chemical called formaldehyde (also known as embalming solution), which could cause severe irritation to our pet's eyes, throat and skin? Or how about rug and carpet shampoos, they contain a chemical called perchloroethylene, which can cause dizziness, insomnia, nausea, tremors and loss of appetite? Some floor polishes contain chemicals that can cause cancer as well as damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and central nervous system. As a matter of fact, most household products do not even warn you of the chemical dangers they could cause.

So how toxic is your house? According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 50% of all illness can be traced to indoor pollution, which can be directly related to the use of household cleaners. Many products on the shelves today claim to be safe, yet have warning labels. If a product is safe why do they need to warn you of danger? Most rooms in most homes contain these products which could cause any of the following; cancer, birth defects, or changes in human genetic structures. If it is affecting our health in this way imagine what it's doing to our pets.

The cleaning products we use to clean your home are 100% all natural plant based with the added benefit of aromatherapy. They are totally effective in cleaning and smell terrific. Plus they are totally safe for your kids, your furry family members, the environment and you, which is the most important part.

When we talk of Aromatherapy, we are talking about using pure essential oils and not fragrance oils. What is the difference? The difference is that fragrance oils are basically manufactured perfumes, while essential oils come from extracts of plants and flowers. These essential oils are known for their delightful aromas and also for their active healing and cleaning properties.
Your aromatherapy cleaning includes the same thorough house cleaning service you receive now, but without the harsh chemicals.

For more information on the all natural aromatherapy cleaning products we use, or to order these products, please click the Aromalogics link below.

Aromalogics is featured in Healthy Living NYC Magazine.